Judge argues that FTX's Bankman-bail Fried's might 'conceivably' be revokedJudge argues that FTX's Bankman-bail Fried's might 'conceivably' be revoked

A federal court ruled that there was “probable cause” to suspect SBF had participated in actions that may have resulted in his detention prior to his October trial.

As a federal court stated there was “probable cause” to think the former CEO of FTX may have tried witness tampering, Sam Bankman-Fried may “conceivably” have his bail revoked.

Bankman-bail Fried’s terms were discussed in court on February 16; according to various accounts, Judge Lewis Kaplan stated that there was “probable cause to suspect that he [Bankman-Fried] has committed or attempted to conduct a federal offense while on release, namely witness tampering.”

As a result, the FTX founder may “conceivably” be sent back to prison until his October trial, according to Kaplan.

Although the hearing on February 16 was not one for revoking bail, Kaplan cautioned that it “may go there, theoretically.”

Why am I being urged to let him run free in this electrical gadget garden? Kaplan allegedly stated.

In a tweet on February 17, law scholar Richard Painter reiterated the sentiment and said that, given his present situation, it would not be a smart idea to tamper with a witness:

Hey Crypto Bro, tampering with witnesses when you’re out on bail is a terrific way to be arrested again immediately.

On February 15, the prosecution requested that Bankman-Fried be limited to using only a single monitored computer and smartphone.

Bankman-recent Fried’s use of devices was cited by the prosecution as a reason for worry, and they sought to further limit and monitor his usage “with restricted exceptions.”

Judge Kaplan said during the hearing that it was naïve to think that these limitations would prevent Bankman-Fried from using the internet given that he lives with his two parents, who both have computers and cellphones.

Asserting that there might not be a “wonderful answer,” prosecutor Nicholas Roos appeared to concur, which caused Kaplan to propose that revocation of Bankman-bail Fried’s would reduce these dangers, noting:

There is a solution, but no one has yet suggested it.

The defense team for Bankman-Fried, however, contended that they require him in order to work on his case, saying, “We cannot go through these huge financial data without him.”

On February 9, when it was discovered that the former FTX CEO had contacted prospective witnesses, he is not allowed to use certain messaging services. Also, he was temporarily prohibited from using a VPN after prosecutors charged him with doing so twice, on January 29 and February 12.

At the hearing on February 16, the VPN ban was not prolonged.

A lot of people, both inside and outside the crypto world, have expressed shock that Bankman-bail Fried’s hasn’t been revoked despite the circumstances.

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